Letter to California newspaper advocates stoning promiscuous women

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You may have been the victim of slut-shaming, but at least you haven't been the victim of slut-stoning. Though if Shamci Rafani had it her way, you could be. The Visalia, California resident is very concerned with the state of our over-sexed, scandal-ridden society, especially with the Sperminator formerly governing her home state. She voiced her proposed solution in a strongly worded letter to the editor in the Visalia Times-Delta. Here's a choice excerpt:

Coming from a different country [Iran] and culture, and specially being a victim of betrayal and infidelity, I will allow myself to put my head where it does not belong.

In many countries, including mine, when a man makes such a mistake as Arnold did and fathers a child, the law makes him be the father and take the responsibility.

But the woman who had been aware of her wrongdoing, and yet had done it without any shame or fear, must be punished severely. Yes, in many countries, the public will stone that woman to death.

Believe me, that might be the right answer to the behavior of these kind of loose women, who want to blame it all on men…

These slut women do not know how to say no. To my judgment, these women who freely sleep with married men must be severely punished and put to death.

No, the Visalia Times-Delta did not replace The Onion as our premiere source of social satire. The paper simply interpreted freedom of the press as "Oh hey, let's print some lady's radical, extremist rantings. That'll fill some pages and sell some papers." I get that there are some very real and very horrifying cultural realities informing her views. I'm just not sure why an otherwise credible publication would choose to print a reader's endorsement of egregious human-rights violations.