Links: Thirteen things to do after sex besides sleeping or cuddling

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As we wrote about a few days ago, a paper recently came out examining the implications of your partner being a sleeper or a cuddler after sex. When I read about the study, though, I had the same thought as the writers over at The Frisky: what if you're neither? From their list of alternative things to do after sex, I think I'd pick #1 above all — eat an entire pie of pizza — but #5 (do it again) and #7 (watch bad TV) are also choice post-coital activities in my book.

Characteristically, The New York Times has published another kind-of-late, kind-of-pointless hipster trend piece, and, characteristically, the internet has been freaking out over it. The subject this time is the Man Bun. Because all the hip young things in Brooklyn are doing it. Do you think it's weird or cool?! Because, you know. It matters.

There are now officially TWO rational articles on the phenomenon of Lana Del Rey: the one we published (of course), and the New Yorker's half-album review, half-general meditation by Sasha Frere-Jones. Jones ponders The Meaning of Lana Del Rey (it seems the world has been putting Life on the back burner, lately) and finally dissects her strange celebrity in the poignant way that only someone who is paid enough and given a far-away enough deadline can.

You should watch this. This is something you should watch. Rachel Dratch tries and fails to name twenty white people in thirty seconds, and it's hilarious, because it's Rachel Dratch.

If you want to watch another thing, you should also watch this, because it's only ten seconds long, and then you won't be confused when the still-eerily-boyish looking Matthew Broderick does something Ferris Bueller-related at the Super Bowl. Look at us. Keeping you culturally informed.