Links: A history of Thom Yorke’s dance moves

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A dance chart of how to move like Thom Yorke in the 'Lotus Flower' video.

Thom Yorke's dance moves in the video for "Lotus Flower" inspired hipsters everywhere to twitch and noodle-arm on the dance floor like convulsing jellyfish. But how did the Radiohead frontman develop this strange jig? Salon has a video-guided look back at Yorke's dancing through the years. 

I'm a Southerner, and so there are few aromas in the world that make me more homesick than the smell of slow-cooked pulled pork wafting through the summer air. Lucky for me, I can now be homesick (and hungry) all the time, as a fragrance company called "Pork Barrel BBQ" has released a cologne called Que that smells like — well — 'que. It's a subtle scent that's sure to attract only the most distinguished ladies, and also every UGA football fan in a one-mile radius.

Earlier today we looked at the FDA's brand-new cigarette warning labels. These redesigns are a start, but compared to anti-smoking labels in other countries, America's still seem pretty tame. I'm looking at you, Thailand.

Megan Fox compared Michael Bay to Hitler and was fired from the new Transformers explosion-and-boobs-fest. She is not the first actor or actress to be canned on set, nor is she the Busey-est. Also, Ryan Gosling was fat? What?

Finally, an amateur music producer spliced together thirty-six different YouTube covers of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" to form the granddaddy of all YouTube covers of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." Now excuse me while I listen and noodle-arm the night away.