Links: Tim Pawlenty gets glittered

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What is it, glitter season? First Newt Gingrich, now Tim Pawlenty has had glitter thrown on him by gay and women's rights groups CODEPINK and Reproductive Rights. Pawlenty seemed to be a pretty good sport about it.

Never give up on your dreams of higher education. A ninety-nine-year-old man dropped out of college in 1932, but chose to re-enroll and finish his degree from Eastern Oregon University. I find this inspiring… and kind of sad. 

And now for a little bit too much education: watch this child-thing recite the story of Jack and the beanstalk. Children are getting far too much information, far too quickly. Soon they'll band together, and take over. Why are we supporting this?

Breaking Bad is going to premiere soon. It's about a high-school chemistry teacher who breaks bad by selling crystal meth that he cooks himself. That's pretty bad. Here are five real-life teachers who have done much worse.