Links: Cops raid elementary school greenhouse for pot, find tomatoes

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Tomato Plant

Paranoid cops in Santa Fe, New Mexico raided a Montessori School greenhouse for pot — and uncovered a huge stash of tomatoes.

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan says President Obama needs to establish himself as the leader of the pack before Bo goes on a crazy power trip.

A woman recovering from cataract surgery mistakenly used Super Glue instead of her eye drops. And she's not the first person to ever do this! 

If you weren't hot for Edith Wharton after that freshman year survey of American literature, you might want to try reading her erotica.

Frankie Muniz, (that's right, Malcolm in the Middle) has been picking fights with strangers on Twitter and bragging about how rich he is. Being retired at nineteen is rough.

And finally, are you thirsty for Sum Poosie? It's a cherry-flavored energy drink lesbians love.