Links: Don’t trust men with fat faces — study says they’ll lie to you

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Men with big fat faces are less trustworthy, and more likely to break your heart with their cruel lies, according to a recent study done by a professor at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin (where I guess that kind of study is relevant). I knew there was a reason I instinctually distrusted Jason Sudeikis.

I'm not exactly sure what a juggalo is, even having read this Sex Advice From Juggalos. I know it has something to do with Insane Clown Posse. I guess Charlie Sheen is more in the know than I, as he's going to be making an appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Here are the predicted headlines that will occur after the magical event takes place.

NBC has made it official: James Spader will be the new boss at Dunder Mifflin in the upcoming season of The Office. Here's hoping he'll go back to his Secretary ways and shake things up around the office.

Hotels are offering a financial incentive if you leave the business drama at home when you travel. Take a "digital detox" and lay off the Crackberry, and you'll receive 15% off your hotel room, as well as relaxation services. Win win!