Links: Foursquare’s “Mayor” of Chicago could become the city’s actual Mayor

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Anish Kapur Chicago Sculpture

Foursquare is getting into the race for the Mayor of Chicago by asking people to check-in to a venue named City of Chicago – Mayoral HQ. The person with the most check-ins by November 1 will be put on the ballot and might become Chicago's real-world mayor. I guess that's democracy.

In Memphis, TN, a forty-five-year-old man shot a teen in the ass for wearing baggy pants. Belt sales skyrocket.

This dog loves to sing along to the opening theme of The Colbert Report. Seriously, it's kind of incredible.

Conan O'Brien continues to answer fans' questions. Today he answered, "What's the most grievous wound he's ever received?" It turns out he's been hurt a lot, including being beaten up in Boston for wearing an Ireland T-shirt.

A sixteen-year-old in Queens, NY, is upset that her school reading included a passage from Bret Easton Ellis's Rules of Attraction. Among her outrages was that the word "diaphragm" is in the text.