Links: Keith Olbermann will return to TV on Al Gore’s network, obviously

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We already talked about Glenn Beck's new media platform today; on the other side of the spectrum, Keith Olbermann is launching a new show on Current TV, Al Gore's cable network. He will reportedly earn ten-million dollars a year.

As if you needed another reason to love New York City, The High Line is an elevated park on the west side of Manhattan, and it's just been extended all the way to 30th St. Here are some beautiful pictures of the new section. Beautiful. New York City: it's better than Chicago.

A million dollars isn't cool. And you know what? A full-sleeve tattoo of your friends' Facebook profile pictures isn't either. And yet one Dutch lady got one, for some reason neither her future self nor I can fathom.

I don't like the beach. Sand is awful, my practically translucent skin gets burnt even with SPF 100, and there are always children around playing with things that could hit you in the face. But, from the shaded safety of my computer, I can still look at these inspiring pictures of sand sculptures. Extraordinarily intricate sand sculptures.