Links: Obama chooses new Secretary of Commerce, Republicans are already mad

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President Obama has a new commerce-secretary choice in John Bryson, a senior adviser at private-equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts. He's replacing Gary Locke, who will go on to a cushy Chinese-ambassador gig. Obama is hopeful that Bryson will be able to help with jobs creation, economic growth and improved standards of living, but Republicans are already up in arms, claiming Bryson is a "green evangelist" and threatening to block the nomination.

Americans feast; it's just our thing. Brooklyn-based photographer Julia Gillard has decided to take on American feasts and food-fests and holidays in her new photography projects. The photos are lovely and whimsical and full of burgers.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are back, with a season-four premiere date, finally. Breaking Bad will premiere July 17th, and here is the official trailer for the best TV show about a chemistry teacher turned crystal-meth dealer. Seriously, watch it.

It's almost June, and Father's Day is coming up. But you know who is always happiest they're not the father? The guests on MauryHere is a carefully cultivated collection of screenshots from Maury. The gallery contains a man in a chicken suit, among other things, and is definitely not safe for work.