Links: Study finds drunk people think accidents are intentional, rude

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Drunk guy smoking a cigarette

A new study finds that drunk people are more likely to misinterpret actions as intentional. So, the next time you're at a bar and some guy accidentally spills a bit of beer on you, remember that before you punch him in the face.

A nine-year-old girl wrote a letter to Johnny Depp asking him to come to her school as Captain Jack Sparrow to help her plan a mutiny against her teachers. He did.

We've all seen those "Where are they now" lists. But they're still pretty fun.

After getting mocked by the entire internet, Gap has decided they were "just kidding" about their new, ugly logo.

And finally, have you stopped freaking out about a Republican takeover in the midterm elections? Well, here are some very good reasons to start freaking out again.