London School of Economics students get into fight over “Nazi-themed” drinking game

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A very wise woman/former cocaine addict once said that she believed the children were our future; if we teach them well, we can let them lead the way. Well, apparently, we've been doing less teaching and far more drunken, anti-Semitic invective-spewing lately, if the recent brawl over a Nazi-themed drinking game during a London School of Economics student union trip is any indication.

According to the Guardian, a skiing trip sponsored by the LSE's student union took an ugly turn last month after a Jewish student's nose was broken in a brawl over a Nazi-themed drinking game. The game, which was a variation on the game Ring of Fire with a Third Reich twist, required players to "salute the Führer" and arrange cards on a table in the shape of a swastika. The LSE's student paper the Beaver reports that a fight broke out after a Jewish student voiced his objections to the game, which resulted in his nose being broken. 

Although representatives for the athletics student union, who sponsored the trip to French skiing resort Val D'Isere, said that the violence was not serious enough to get French police involved, the LSE is investigating the incident, saying they are "prepared to take disciplinary action" if the allegations of anti-Semitic behavior are found to be true. Jay Stoll, the president of the LSE's Jewish Society, says that the students involved should be punished, regardless of the intentions behind the game. "Those who believe the game was in good humour need to realize that when a Jewish student is subject to violence and the Nazi ideology glorified, it is no joke but a spiteful, collective attack on a community," he says.

For his part, the Jewish student involved in the brawl claims that he wasn't so much offended by the game as much as the "anti-Semitic gibes" that accompanied it. "The comments built up to a point where I couldn't forgive myself if I let it slide," he told the Guardian. Next time, kiddos, just do yourselves and your university a favor, and play beer pong or the "Roxanne" drinking game instead. That way, you'll ensure that no noses are broken and no minority groups are offended in the process of you getting your drunk on (except maybe Stewart Copeland).