Lost painting of Jesus found in Tennessee trailer park

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A priceless Catholic relic was recovered after spending twenty years inside a motor home in Monroe County, Tennessee. The painting belonged to a seventy-three-year-old man, known as Frosty, who received it as a gift twenty years ago. The 150-year-old painting was based on the "Veil of Veronica," a cloth that was purportedly pressed to Jesus' face after his crucifixion. According to Catholic legend, the cloth took on the impression of Christ's face and this impression was later copied onto various paintings.

Pope Leo XIII blessed the painting, but it was subsequently lost for over a century. Frosty has no idea how it came to be in Tennessee and had no idea of its value. He had stuck it in a closet, where it stayed until Kelly Ghormley, the glamorous woman pictured above, broke into his motor home and robbed him. She attempted to pawn the painting off to a church, who recognized that it might have some value and called the police.