Louisiana approves pro-evolution textbooks, snubs “embarrassing” Creationists

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After months of legal wrangling, petitions and protests, advisors to Louisiana's Department of Education finally approved school textbooks that describe evolution in a favorable light. The vote was always going to be close and even this doesn't ensure a defeat of Creationist meddling in Louisiana's science textbooks. 

Next month, the actual heads of the curriculum will vote on which century they'd like the state to join. Of course, the movement is with those who have figured out that science is, in fact, real:

Backers of the books said Darwin’s ideas are widely accepted in the scientific community and that continuing debate in Louisiana is an embarrassment.

“We have been here before,” said Tammy Wood, a veteran educator… “I don’t know why we are here again,” Wood said.

Ian Bins, who teaches science education at LSU, said debate over evolution in Louisiana sparks negative comments nationally. “It is a very embarrassing issue,” Bins said. [WBRZ]

As usual, the twerps in the Creationist movement (i.e. right-wing Christian movement that seems unaware of the separation of church and state) are out with their usual ridiculous arguments: "The books are really weak on the side of examining scientific evidence." Right, so let's have more books that are full of rational scientific arguments not contradicted at every turn… like the Bible.