LPGA finally allows transgender golfers on the course

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Transgender golfer Lana Lawless

I'm going to keep this one short because it's a simple story and there's a definite point to take away from it: the LPGA has finally admitted a transgender golfer to its ranks… and this is important because other sports are now on notice.

The Ladies Professional Golf Association had denied retire copper Lana Lawless a spot on the green under its bylaws, which state that all players must have been "female at birth," which is goddamn ridiculous on so many levels. (If you're confused about what levels those might be, look up things like "intersex" and "gender assignation.")  

Lawless, who won the women's World Long Drive Championship in 2008, was barred for competing in the event again this year. The organization that holds the competition changed its rules to match the LPGA's, which prohibit transgender players…

She filed a federal suit in a San Francisco court, arguing the "female at birth" requirement was in violation of California's civil rights law, which prevents discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, and transgender status. [NYDN] 

Well, brilliant and all-knowing commenters, which sport will next welcome its first transgender player?