Naked mailman gets arrested for being naked

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What do you do when your coworker is down in the dumps? Maybe you try buying her a drink, or telling her that, no, you didn't sleep with her boyfriend, and how dare she for even making you say that out loud.

Or you could do what one postal worker in Wisconsin did. In order to cheer up his coworker, the fifty-two-year-old mailman offered to cover her route for her — in the nude, of course.

Days later, he was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior.

Wrote a local paper,

The man said he told an employee in that office that he was going to come back naked to deliver mail because she seemed "stressed out" and he wanted to cheer her up and "make her laugh."

But according to the police report, he's since seen the error in his naked ways,

The fifty-two-year-old Fox Point man … admitted he had delivered the mail completely naked and that he was sorry and it was a stupid thing to do.

And how.