Man charged with felony after reading wife’s email

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A Michigan man is facing up to five years in jail for reading his wife's email to find out if she was having an affair. (She was! With her previous husband, who once beat her in front of her young child. He sounds like a real catch.) Leon Walker is claiming that the laptop was a family computer and so he should not be charged with the same crimes that prosecutors usually use in cases of identity theft. The prosecutor disagrees:

"The guy is a hacker," [Jessica] Cooper said in a voice mail response to the Free Press last week. "It was password protected, he had wonderful skills, and was highly trained. Then he downloaded them and used them in a very contentious way."

For what it's worth, his wife, Clara Walker, claims that the laptop was hers alone and she did not share the password with Leon. But this still seems… iffy. (Not to mention dangerous to me, because I have definitely peeked into someone else's email before!) It is certainly bad to look at another person's personal email account, but should it be an actual crime?