Man commits bank robbery in hopes of healthcare in prison

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James Verone

In a move that seems to be equal parts desperation and publicity stunt, a North Carolina man attempted to stage a bank robbery in order to be arrested, and thus gain access to free medical care in prison.

James Verone, fifty-nine, headed to a local bank where he slipped the teller a note "demanding one dollar, and medical attention," a demand so small that it turned out not to even garner a charge of bank robbery. Instead, Verone will be charged with "larceny from a person," and has already received medical attention. 

Verone personally contacted his local newspaper with the story and readily identifies as a supporter of socialized healthcare, and says of his time in prison that he skips dinner to minimize the time he spends with other inmates, but "has no regrets about the robbery or where it landed him."

It might easy to write the whole thing off as a politically-motivated stunt, but personally I feel for this guy. Decent health coverage is still way too hard to come by, and you'd have to be awfully desperate to resort to something like this.