Man runs onto field during Yankees game out of love for Cameron Diaz

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And possibly because he wanted to take out Alex Rodriguez, whom Diaz is dating. At the top of the fifth inning of Monday night's Yankees/Rangers game, a man actually named Grim LeRogue ran out on the field and attempted to rush the third baseman. He didn't get there, of course, because he was tackled by security, but it wasn't clear what drove him towards A-Rod until later: crazed infatuation with Cameron Diaz. From the New York Post:

Tucked in LeRogue's pocket, police found a picture of Alex Rodriguez with his face crossed out and a drawing of a small gun pointed at his head, a source said. Etched on the photo were the words, "You gotta go, buddy."
Crazy! Apparently, LeRogue (who changed his name from the much less eye-roll-inducing John Rogan) thought that killing Rodriguez, would make Diaz see him as a hero. It's basically like the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. to win the love of Jodie Foster, if President Reagan had been dating Foster at the time. (Now that would've been a couple.)
Oh, and LeRogue is definitely nuts:
The crazed Bronx man, who did not have a weapon, also told police that he wanted to kill Bobby Brown, because Osama Bin Laden has a crush on the Grammy winner's wife, Whitney Houston, the source said.
Of course he does. Here's a video of LeRogue being taken down, in which you can hear agitated Yankees fans screaming, "Taze him! Taze him!":