Man suing bar after breaking bone on mechanical bull

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Don't worry, no Urban Cowboy jokes forthcoming: thirty-eight-year-old Manhattan financier Christopher Haynes is suing midtown tourist trap Johnny Utah's for causing him to break his shinbone after being thrown from the restaurant's notorious mechanical bull back in January. Haynes fractured his left tibial plateau when he landed on his foot and subsequently required surgery.

This is apparently at least the third time litigation has followed a mishap with this particular bull. And perhaps before we call for the bull's horns, we should consider that it could possibly be the timing fault of an operator. The suit states that "before he was actually seated or had obtained a grasp on the grip, the operator started up the mechanical bull and Haynes was immediately and violently thrown off."

This turn of events isn't terribly surprising, when you consider that mechanical bulls and alcohol mix together about as well as peanut butter and sardines. Haynes' own lawyer, Neil Fuhrer, says that he doesn't know if his client had been drinking, which tells me that… Haynes had probably been drinking. Johnny Utah's requires bull riders to be at least eighteen and to sign a waiver before hopping on the ornery beast. Whoever's at fault, one thing's for sure: worse than having your shinbone broken is having your dignity shattered by breaking it at Johnny freakin' Utah's.