Man who streaked Obama speech may receive $1 million reward, jail time

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Obama Streaker in Philly

A 24-year-old Staten Island, New York man allegedly drove to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania speech by President Obama on Sunday for the express purpose of streaking for a $1,000,000 prize.

This, of course, gave us an early candidate for our Photo of the Year contest (see above).

Juan Rodriguez was responding to a bet from the website Battlecam (no, I won't link to it), run by a British billionaire looking for some comparatively cheap promotion. The rule goes something like this: the first person to get within the vicinity of the President should then take his own clothes off, have Battlecam's web address written on his naked chest, and to shout the name of the site at least six times. If video evidence proves the deed was carried out, the nudist will receive one million bucks.

Judging by another photo, seen at the New York Daily News site, Rodriguez did indeed have the words scrawled on his chest. It's not known if he was able to chant the web address six times before being arrested for disorderly conduct and open lewdness (as opposed to closed lewdness, whatever that is.)

Right-wing blogs were reporting that someone had literally "thrown the book at the President". This, of course, turned out to just be some lunatic who wanted Obama to read his unpublished manuscript.

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