Man will live with two live lions for 30 days in crazy, live-streaming fundraiser

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Daniel in the lions den

James Jablon, a Spring Hill, Florida man, is raising money for his wildlife center, Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando, in a most unusual way. He has entered a fenced enclosure with two African lions, named Lea and Ed, and plans to remain there for thirty days.

He began his dangerous fundraiser on Saturday. He will sleep on hay near the lions and eat whenever they eat, hoping, I suppose, that they take him for one of them. Jablon also said he plans to build a tree shelter where he can sleep and hide, in case the lions get riled up and fight each other, which I'm sure no one watching the live feed on wants to happen. When you see one of the lions yawn, it looks like a human head could fit easily between those jaws.

Jablon's crazy/altruistic stunt is being streamed live online through January 31. Your move, David Blaine.