Marijuana ice cream dispensary opens in California

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Marijuana dispensary sells ice cream

Feeling achy and whiny because a little chemotherapy's got you down? How about a cookie… or some marijuana ice cream from a Santa Cruz, California business called Crème De Cana? We thought so.

The three flavors available at this flagship store are Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie. Get it, TRIP-le Choc– okay, you got it.

Kolodinksi said he is offering the ice cream as a healthy alternative to patients who do not want to smoke medical marijuana, and so far, business is off to a smoking start.

"Everybody who's tried it has said they absolutely love it. A lot of people come back for seconds, thirds and fourths," Kolodinksi said.

At $15 a piece, the half-pints of ice cream are potent. [KSBW]

Despite reports of Los Angeles-area regulators closing down dozens of pot shops in the area, medical marijuana remains a booming industry in California.