Marriott hotels will no longer offer adult movies

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Leading hotel group Marriott International says it will no longer offer adult movies in new hotels opening in the next several years. Marriott says the decision comes after years of weighing the pros of a lucrative revenue stream against the cons of being perceived as non-family-friendly. Hotels have increasingly seen declining revenue from in-room pay-per-view movies as business travelers have increasingly checked into hotels with their own entertainment sources like Netflix DVDs, iPod Touch, laptop, and Slingbox.

According to Colliers PKF Hospitality Research, hotels are collecting almost forty percent fewer dollars from all pay-per-view movie rentals than they did a decade ago. As movies of all kinds become less lucrative for hotels, more hotels may follow Marriott's lead. Omni, which ceased offering porn in 1999, with fifty hotels, is currently the largest chain that doesn't offer adult entertainment on TVs. As with the shuttering of Blockbuster stores, we could read the writing on the wall for this one.