Martha Stewart took her dog to lunch at the Plaza

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Martha Stewart and her dog at the Plaza

I mean, why wouldn't she? How else is Genghis Khan the Chow Chow supposed to ready himself for a trying day at the Westminster Dog Show? Come on.

And clearly, this fancy dog's fancy meal paid off, since he went on to win Best in Breed, though a Pekingese beat him out for the coveted Best in Show prize. Also, this isn't even as insane and extravagant as it looks — Genghis may have been sitting at a table in the Plaza hotel, but Stewart says he was only eating his own food, nothing off the restaurant's menu. "We don't serve him table food," she said, after telling Vanity Fair all about his elaborate daily diet: 

"He eats either white or brown rice that's steamed with peas, carrots, string beans, and broccoli all chopped up in it. Boiled fish — I buy blue fish by the tens of pounds — and I boil the bluefish with the skin and bones until it's falling off the bones, then I take it all off the bones then I freeze it in the liquid, then it's sort of gelatinous."

Delicious, undoubtedly. Stewart went on to gush about Khan's "regal bearing," which befits his stately heritage:

"Remember, there were 2,500 pairs of these dogs chained to those stone pillars in the imperial courtyard in Beijing in front of the imperial palace. And each pair of dogs had its own servant dressed in blue silk, which fed it and cleaned up after it, and they were out in the courtyard all the time. Their job was to guard the palace, to guard the emperor."

Projecting much, Empress Martha? Well go right ahead, because this is quickly becoming my favorite news story of 2012. Fingers crossed that Genghis and Martha stay on the dog-show circuit for many weird, happy years to come.