Maryland newspaper editor apologizes for article about lesbian moms

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On Mother's Day, the Annapolis Capital published an article about a local lesbian couple and their two kids. It was nothing more than a cute, progressive profile about a veritable modern family. Apparently Maryland readers can't handle alternative family structures, as the piece spurred many bigoted responses in the comment section online. However, it's the Capital's (almost) response to the haters that's far more egregious than the comments themselves. 

Rather than defend the article as a slice-of-life look at a very real and very healthy, positive phenomena, editor and publisher, Tom Marquardt, was set to apologize for offending conservative readers. got its hands on a draft copy of his editorial that circulated around the newsroom. Here's a choice excerpt:

Unfortunately, for us we lost sight of what readers want to read: feel good stories about people who reflect their values. Newspapers need to mirror its readers – all of them perhaps, but inclusion not at exception of the majority. 

I couldn't think of a better way to degrade the entire concept of journalism myself. Luckily, thanks to many objections from the paper's staff, the column never ran. But just knowing that it could have is terrifying in and of itself.