Maxim cover girl wants you to support Obamacare today

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Jennifer Sky

The actress and model Jennifer Sky had to give up her career several years ago because of a crippling illness, but now she's back on our radar… and we can all thank the President. The former Maxim and Stuff cover girl says she was denied insurance for years due to "pre-existing conditions," but the recent health-insurance bill trumpeted by Barack Obama saved her.

Diagnosed years ago with non-cancerous tumors that chewed up 60% of her liver, Sky was dropped from the Screen Actors Guild insurance plan because she couldn't work to keep up her dues. Separated from her husband, she was accidentally dropped from his insurance and hit with a retroactive bill of $19,000 in medical costs. And so began an epic process that included her being rejected by Blue Cross for her pre-existing condition.

Jennifer Sky Stuff Magazine

By the way, having your chest cut open is not the only way to be determined un-insurable. Pregnant? That's a pre-existing condition. Ever seen a therapist and been prescribed antidepressants? You have one, too. Susceptible to chronic urinary tract infections or kidney stones? You guessed it. Asthma? Ditto.

In fact, it wasn't until our government passed the health care bill I so often hear referred to — with a derogatory slur — as "ObamaCare" that I earned the right to be covered under the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. [Lemondrop]

If you haven't voted today, keep this question in mind: did my representative vote for or against my right to have medical insurance?