Meet the world’s tiniest Chanel model

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Meet the world's tiniest Chanel model.Meet the world's tiniest Chanel model

Who's that stylish little half-pint on the runway, the one whose tiny clothes are worth more than your college degree? Is he an actor from that much anticipated Zoolander prequel, Blue Steel: Origins? Nope, he's real and he's the world's tiniest Chanel model.  

You shopkids might recognize the larger man to be Brad Kroenig, the Chanel model who is sometimes forced to dress like a woodland creature. Tired of being objectified alone or unable to find a babysitter (so hard during Fashion Week) or just trying to get a jump on being a Cool Dad, he brought along his two-year-old son to model with him in Chanel's Spring 2011 show.

And it's adorable. 

The world's tiniest Chanel model.