Misleading study slightly backs up claim of men being funnier than women

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Ladies, it's time to accept reality: You're never going to be as gut-bustingly hilarious as Kevin James. In a new study funded by Christopher Hitchens, researchers at UC San Diego claim men are just a tad bit funnier than women.

The team determined superior humor through a New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Sixteen male undergrads and sixteen female undergrads were asked to write captions for twenty cartoons. Then, a new pool of male and female undergrads rated the captions. First finding: men scored an average of 0.11 points more, so yes, by an incremental amount, men are funnier than women.

Second finding: unfunny captions were more often incorrectly attributed to women, which reinforces the fact that a whopping ninety percent of the study participants agreed with the stereotype that men are funnier than women. So really, the study really only proves that many different people believe in the not-necessarily-true stereotype that men are funnier than women.

Since we all know that New Yorker cartoon caption contests are the only surefire way to judge comedy (deal with it, Ebert), this must be a crushing blow to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. But if it means NBC can finally cancel Whitney, then fine, science, you win.