Mexican food can boost memory function

Finally, validation for late-night Mexican takeout binges! It turns out that cumin and cilantro, two common ingredients in Mexican and Indian food, can boost memory function.

Researchers noted that rats that drank water spiked with cumin learned faster and retained more than their non-cumin-dosed comrades.

Another phase of the experiment involved dosing the rats with a drug called scopolamine that mimics the effects of Alzheimer's. The cumin-ridden rodents were more resistant to the drug's effects and needed less time to relearn how to perform the experiment.

Another experiment earlier this year demonstrated that rats with five to fifteen percent of their diet replaced with cilantro learned to run a maze more quickly, and were more resistant to scopolamine's effects as well.

Now, obviously, not even the most dedicated Mexican food gourmand can deal with a diet consisting of fifteen percent cilantro, and large amounts of cumin are dangerous at both ends of gustation, but the point is that scientists are working to identify the active compounds in cilantro and cumin — discoveries that could lead to advances in the way we treat cognitive degenerative disease like dementia and Alzheimer's. 

And hey, maybe go south of the border next time you're thinking about where to go to eat — you can always say it's helping your memory. Just go easy on the mezcal and seriously, don't eat the worm — I think that's how Outbreak started.

Commentarium (12 Comments)

Jul 27 11 - 9:11pm

It also boosts flatulence. Believe me - it's one of my major reasons for eating Mexican food.

Apr 20 12 - 9:11pm

Flatulence for eating Mexican Food???? Only you, I'm mexican and have never had flatulence for eating my food .

Jul 27 11 - 11:33pm

I eat that everyday, but I still can't say I have a good memory lol. But its true, none of my family member nor anyone I know have suffered of Alzheimers or memory loss problems, and we are all of Mexican descent and eat tacos, beans, tortillas every single day lol. Whatever is on that picture isn't Mexican food though. Burritos doesn't count either, its more American than Mexican lol. I come from deep South Texas and any US/MX border cities can tell you that Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, etc is no where near to real Mexican food. For as much as San Antonio, Chicago, and LA wanna boast of their Mexican cuisine, its blah.

Jul 28 11 - 9:12am

It might only work for rats.

Jul 27 11 - 11:56pm
Four Getz

But what if you don't remember how to fix Mexican food, or where to buy it?

Jul 28 11 - 7:11pm

This can't be true, because the guys round at the takeout in my neighborhood never get my order right.

Jul 28 11 - 8:48am

yah.... i guess thats why all my mexican friends have such good memories. lol.

Jul 28 11 - 6:12pm

My semen can boost your memory function. Want some?

Jul 28 11 - 9:41pm

Only an idiot would assume that the average American doesn't know the difference between Taco Bell and authentic Mexican food. No one needs to grace south Tehas to listen to your intellectual brethren repeat the same obvious information. Or did you really mean "the cities" will tell us?

Jul 29 11 - 12:28am

Shout out to Fuzzy's Taco all across Texas!

Jul 29 11 - 12:50am

I don't think that is entirely true. Did Einstein eat that stuff?

Apr 28 12 - 1:18am

Cumin in Mexican Food??? Well, that's not a sample ingredient in this food.That ingredient is for American people who like the flavor, but mexicans do not like at all.