Mexican hotel cancels couple’s wedding because they’re gay

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Ah, the luxurious La Amada Hotel in Mexico. A five-star resort, it boasts "stylish hotel architecture and decor, generous suites, spotless service, and deluxe facilities." Unless, of course, you want to have an intimate marriage there, and you happen to be gay. Then, all it boasts is the damn door. Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out, cabron.

A friend of Nerve wanted to have a small, forty-to-sixty person wedding at La Amada. He also happens to want to marry a man. He and his partner plan on getting married in New York in the spring, but also wanted to have an intimate "vacation wedding" in Mexico.

Then they received this email from La Amada:

"Dear [redacted], Thank you for your interests for La Amada Hotel. Being a family friendly resort, we unfortunately cannot support or perform a gay wedding. I understand you want to have a small intimate ceremony, but we cannot proceed."

So there you have it. Damn those cheeky gays wanting to get married in front of families! I guess the real question is how to shield millions of children the world over from the ugly reality of two people that love each other getting married. 

Should you have any suggestions, La Amada Hotel's contact information page is here. Please let them you know you're chiming in with suggestions about how to stop the gays from getting married in front of families. Maybe a large wall — I hear Arizona's having some luck with that.