Michael Jackson’s doctor found guilty of manslaughter

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Two years and roughly four months later, the verdict is in: Conrad Murray was unanimously convicted guilty today by all nine jurors at his trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. The doctor administered Jackson a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic, propofol, the night before one of his highly-anticipated comeback concerts.

Although the reasons behind Jackson's death were foggy and confusing for months, once the six-week trial began, the story got a little clearer. According to EW, it was, "the tale of a tormented genius on the brink of what might have been his greatest triumph with one impediment standing in his way — extreme insomnia." Overall, the outcome of the trial made it clear that Murray did not purposely kill Michael Jackson —  although he had been reckless in over-prescribing medication for the entertainer, who apparently called his propofol "milk."

Bizarre is the only word to describe Michael Jackson's death. Even more bizarre is that it was caused by a doctor, however incompetent, who was ostensibly only trying to help him live — because he knew Jackson wouldn't be able to perform at his series of comeback concerts without sleep.