Michele Bachmann’s husband claims his Christian clinic isn’t anti-gay

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Marcus and Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann's equally loony husband is doing his best to defend his Christian counseling clinic, which many claim is anti-gay. Don't worry, Marcus Bachmann will only try to "pray your gay away" if you ask him to. Unless a homosexual explicitly asks to be "turned" hetero, "reparative" therapy will not be offered. According to the Star Tribune:

Bachmann's comments followed several national media reports this week that featured an undercover video made by a gay advocacy group in which a counselor at Bachmann & Associates is shown practicing "reparative" therapy, a process aimed at helping a gay person become heterosexual. In the therapy sessions, gay rights activist John Becker posed as a conflicted homosexual who wanted a conversion … "This individual came to us under a false pretense,'' Bachmann said. "The truth of the matter is he specifically asked for help.''

See, Bachmann's just giving the people what they ask for, even if those people happen to be "barbarians" he despises. And yes, he's denying that he ever called them that too. Who knew Michele's husband would be an even bigger liability to her campaign then herself?