Minnesota high school sued over “Wigger Wednesday”

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A high school in Red Wing, Minnesota, is being sued by a former student over a student tradition known as "Wigger Wednesday."

While not officially sanctioned by the school's administration, the tradition saw white classmates put on do-rags and baggy jeans, and throw around gang signs ironically, as white kids who would shit themselves at the sight of a real gang are wont to do.

Quera Pruitt, the former student, endured the spectacle during her time at the school, but was moved to bring a suit against them after a 2010 complaint to the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights failed to bring about significant changes.

"To her, and frankly to me, 'Wigger Day' is the same thing as 'Nigger Day,'" said Pruitt's attorney, Joshua Williams.

Charmingly, some students responded by creating a "Wigger Wednesday" page on Facebook, complete with a misspelling of "Wednesday" and the sympathy-earning headline "let's keep wigger wednesday goin till that cunt quits," presumably referring to Pruitt.

It's telling that this occurred in Minnesota, and that another "Wigger Wednesday" is apparently popular at a school in Texas: good luck getting one of these going at a school in, say, Southeast D.C. or Bed-Stuy. I think we should bus the offending students (at their own expense) to South Central L.A. and have them explain their right to caricature the dress of different ethnic groups using a casually disguised racial slur to some Bloods. Or Crips. I'm not choosy.