As anyone who purchases a Festivus pole instead of a Christmas tree every December can tell you, we all have our own ways of observing holiday traditions. But using Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday as an opportunity to promote your strip club may not be the best way to show off your holiday cheer. At least, that's what outraged Miami Beach residents are telling graphic designer Jeffrey Darnell Paul, who used an image of the Reverend for a flyer promoting a strip club's "I Have a Dream" bash.

NBC Miami reports that Paul, who owns and runs South Side Graphix, was shocked by the controversy generated from the flyer, which depicts the Good Reverend Doctor holding a wad of hundred-dollar bills next to a scantily-clad woman. "It was just supposed to be a promotional thing," says Paul, who designed the flyer to promote a party on MLK Day at Miami's Office strip club. "It wasn't about disgracing Martin Luther King... it's something that I didn't really think about."

After owners of the strip club received complaints about the poster, the event was canceled, and the proprietors claimed Monday that they didn't even see the image before it was released on the Internet. "We don't condone this," Office manager Jermaine Robinson says. "This is Martin Luther King. We respect what he did. Today is the day for us to honor him." 

Now, as anyone who has ever read a King biography or an account from a member of his inner circle knows, MLK totally loved the ladies. But the man's contributions to American history are massive, and I doubt he would have condoned his likeness being used to sell titty dances and $5 shots of Ciroc. Please, gentlemen's club proprietors, try to avoid treating Martin Luther King, Jr. like a Jersey Shore cast member, and save the tributes to American history for Double-D-Day (Columboobs Day? Well, I tried).

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Jan 17 12 - 7:00pm

It could have been worse. The poster could have said, "I HAVE A WET DREAM."

Jan 17 12 - 7:49pm


Jan 17 12 - 8:26pm

"$5 shots of ciroc" ... have you ever been to Miami Beach? $15 is more likely.

Apr 23 12 - 5:18am

LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE!!! Its Martin Luther King jr---not Jesus H. Christ. Second, it is historically accurate. Martin Luther King jr. got more strange when he was married than JFK and Wilt Chamberlain c-o-m-b-i-n-e-d!!! Third, I hate it when others manipulate the image of famous dead people. Case in Point is YOKO ONO and her treatment of ST. John Lennon. Lennon was brilliant and also a total bastard. Yoko only allows her vision of him (Peace Advocate, Hippy elder statesman, househusband), totally marginalizes Cyntha or Mai Pings involvement and whitewashes his time in LA with Neilsson. Its the same with MLK. EVERYONE KNOWS the 'Ise has a Dream speech' but no one plays his VIETNAM speech-the one EVERYONE wanted to shoot him for. In our neighbourhood, we burnt MLKs effergy after hearing his VIETNAM speech. There was dancing in the street the day he got shot (of course that was 1968). In 2012 he walks on water---he didn't do that in 1967!!! Remember that!!!