Naked people descend on Wall Street in performance art piece

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This morning, fifty street performers descended on the Financial District in New York City. They positioned themselves along the entire length of Wall Street, all dressed in normal business attire. At 7:00 AM exactly, they all began to take off their clothing. Once naked, they all performed tasks associated with jobs commonly held on Wall Street; there were bankers, consultants, hotdog vendors, janitors, and hookers. (Unfortunately, there are no "fluffers" on Wall Street.) At 7:05 AM they were all dressed again.

New York performance artist Zefrey Throwell organized the piece, called "Ocularpation," as a comment on the lack of transparency into the inner workings on Wall Street. The vulnerability of the entirely exposed performers contrasts with the mysterious workings of the financial market. Three performers were arrested but have since been bailed out of jail. 

Angelo Sarango, a window washer who was present during the performance, observed, "It didn't look like art. People do that all the time on the subway."