Navy officer suspended for making “raunchy” lesbian shower videos

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More specifically, Captain Owen Honors, who recently took command of the USS Enterprise, one of only eleven aircraft carriers in the US Navy. The videos — which were meant to be risqué comedy sketches but are mostly just boring — were made back in 2006 and 2007 and were shown to the entire crew of the Enterprise, but they're only getting Honors in to trouble right now. Here's one of many that features a well-reasoned treatise random collection of thoughts about the word "fuck," some unimaginative gay jokes, and the most uninteresting lesbian shower scene you will ever see:

So, okay, obviously not cool, but at least it's garden-variety schoolyard schtick and not horrific hazing or something like that. No, what really offends me about this video is that this man has managed to break the string of impressive viral videos made by the armed forces, and he didn't even use a Ke$ha song. Weak sauce, Captain Honors.

Honors has been temporarily relieved of his command while the Navy investigates the clips.