New evidence will probably sink Dominique Strauss-Kahn case

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I'm going to hedge this as much as I possibly can, because I feel dirty writing it: Ben Stein might have been kind of sort of right. Prosecutors in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case are planning to reveal new evidence about accuser Nafissatou Diallo's credibility that they believe will sink the case.

The evidence is included in a motion that's basically a petition to have the charges against DSK dismissed, and will be presented in court on Tuesday, when the former International Monetary Fund head is present.

Prosecutors have already presented evidence that "Diallo admittedly lied to prosecutors and immigration officials about a fictitious gang rape in her native Guinea, invented a fictitious second child on tax forms, and claimed to grand jurors that she cowered in fear in the hallway outside Strauss-Kahn's luxe Sofitel hotel suite after the alleged attack — when actually, she had gone on to clean two empty rooms, including DSK's," the New York Post reports.

The new motion reveals allegations that Diallo repeatedly lied to prosecutors and other officials about suspicious cash deposits into her personal bank accounts, about her dubious relationships, and about whether she'd broached the idea of attempting to extort money from DSK with anyone. 

The whole DSK case has become an awfully gnarled mess. On one hand, DSK's history as a creeper and lout par excellence has come to light, but on the other, if what the prosecution says about Diallo turns out to be true, it will have confirmed many of the worst allegations heaved at her from the beginning of the case.