New Newsweek cover features undead Princess Diana with Kate Middleton

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Newsweek Princess Diana cover

Newsweek is celebrating the would-be fiftieth birthday of Princess Diana in a pretty creepy way — with digitally-enhanced and age-progressed images of Di. I guess it wasn't possible for them to reanimate her corpse, so they'll settle for the second-best way to honor the People's Princess. She's seen walking side by side with Kate Middleton on the cover of their latest issue, which features a lead article entitled "Diana at 50: If She Were Here Now." (My guess is if Diana were here now, she wouldn't be gracing magazine covers as a Photoshopped zombie.)

The article, penned by Tina Brown, speculates what Diana's life would be like if she was still around today. By Brown's account, she'd still be stylish and philanthropic. She'd approve of Kate, and she'd have an iPhone. Total cover-story material, I know. While the pictures that accompany the story may be creepy, it's the what-if article that's the most bizarre and somewhat exploitative part. Let's leave alternative realities to sci-fi writers, not journalists, okay?