New vending machine scans your face and tells you what to eat

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Intel and Kraft have a developed a kiosk that can suggest food options to costumers by digitally scanning a person's face. The presumptuous vending machine will determine a person's age and gender and will suggest recipes or Kraft food products based on the results. For example, if the machine determines that the user is a middle-aged woman, it'll suggest a Kraft Mac and Cheese dish suitable for her hypothetical family. The kiosk will also make recommendations depending on which meal-time the person is shopping for and, with the assistance of the shopper's supermarket loyalty card or cellular phone, can make recommendations based on past purchases.

Conclusion: John Connor was wrong. Our attention must be diverted away from Skynet and towards Kraft in order to prevent a surprisingly delicious rise of the machines.  The device will debut and signal the beginning of the enslavement of mankind at this week's 2011 National Retail Federation show.