New Zealand “Hell Cross Buns” billboards offend Christians

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Hells Cross Buns billboard

I don't know about you, but to me pizza just doesn't taste quite the same if it hasn't deeply offended anyone before I eat it. The cheese isn't as cheesy, the crust not as crusty, and my total disregard for the feelings of others not fully acknowledged.

Thank goodness then for New Zealand chain Hell Pizza, which pretty much singlehandedly carries the torch for unbelievably tasteless pizza ads — prior shticks include Hitler jokes, always a surefire hit. The company's latest campaign for its Hell Cross Buns has Christians up in arms, and none too surprisingly — the poster features a bun with a pentagram and the slogan "For a limited time. A bit like Jesus." Get it??

Local churches have, of course, spoken out against the ads, and a spokeswoman for New Zealand's Anglican Church added this to the charges: "Their buns are stale." Oh, snap!

So what do you think — mildly subversive gimmick or grossly inappropriate attention grab? And, more importantly, would you actually eat their food?