“No Pants Subway Ride” hilariously interrupted by “La Bamba”

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The already meme-friendly "No Pants Subway Ride" that took place this weekend got even meme-ier, thanks to a group of subway musicians who refused to be deterred by a bunch of pants-less commuters. Instead, they serenaded one car of a downtown 1 train with "La Bamba!" 

Each year, Improv Everywhere sponsors the "No Pants Subway Ride," which continues to draw an inexplicable number of participants — this year there were close to 4,000 of them. Reportedly, the youngest bottomless participant this year was three-years old, and the oldest was seventy-six. 

In any case, check out the above clip of a bunch of people without pants commuting with a friendly mariachi band. Whether you find the idea of pants-free train riding uncomfortable or delightful, adding in music amplifies it infinitely.