Nude hiking taking Europe by storm

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Oh, Germany. The country that opened its very own "first hiking trail for nudists" may have inspired Switzerland to hop on the naked hiking trend, provided their supreme court approves it. Why, you might ask, would anyone recreationally expose their junk to bugs, itchy plants, pointy branches, and the occasional wild animal? 

Because it's "paradise," according to one avid nude hiker, who added that it "fills you with happiness." And no worries if you should accidentally hike upon a situation that isn't nude-friendly, as Swiss nudist Puistola Grottenpösch did when he came across a religious service taking place in a field. Just keep a scarf on hand, and "quickly wrap it around yourself and all conflict is avoided," he explains.

Personally I think I'll pass. Tell us in the comments though; would you ever think about hitting the trails naked?