NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg thinks Twitter, Facebook are for losers

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks Twitter, Facebook is for losers.

And that includes you! Yes, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks he's better than people who fully utilize their social networking platforms. Tip: if you're somebody who is so constantly seeking votes for an unending number of terms, perhaps you shouldn't insult most of your current constituents and probably all of your future ones.

When asked about the impending WiFi capabilities that subway riders will one day enjoy, Bloomberg said:

Yeah, but you know, in this day of Facebook and all the social networking stuff and emails, you know, it's part of people's lives whether you like it or not. … You can fight and say I don't that tide tide to come in, but c'mon…

Sounds harmless enough. But the 68-year-old politician, who earned much of his fortune in investment technology and media, then compared social network users to Richard Nixon. And then:

Where do they get the time to do it? Shouldn't, aren't — there have got to be other things in life to do. "I'm going to the bank right now," you know, "I think I'll have coffee." And you wonder, number one … why does anybody care? Who do people, why would you look at it?

Good to see our cities are barreling into the future!