NYPD, bored with harassing Occupy Wall Street, arrests terror suspect

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Michael Bloomberg

In a press conference Sunday evening, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the New York Police Department (with no federal assistance) had arrested a man suspected of plotting terror attacks against local targets. The Associated Press identified the man as twenty-seven-year-old Jose Pimentel, a New York resident.

Details are still emerging, but initial media reports indicate that the suspect, inspired by al Qaeda's magazine, allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs against Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, post offices, and police cars.

Online commenters, always welcoming of conspiracy theory fodder, questioned the timing of the arrest. The NYPD had tracked Pimentel for two years, but apprehended him in the midst of widespread criticism over its treatment of Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier this week. Whether or not it's a ploy to distract attention from Bloomberg's political troubles, let's just be happy that no one was killed, including any veterans, postal workers, cops… or ACLU lawyers.