NYU, FIT top Most Hipster Colleges list

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In addition to ranking higher education institutions based on the usual standards — such as academics, extracurriculars, and the quality of the omelets in the campus dining halls — a number of publications have started assessing colleges and universities based on the prevalence of hipsters in the student body. Now, has embraced the trend of mocking people who wear Rivers Cuomo glasses and aren't Rivers Cuomo, by ranking the Top 10 Most Hipster Campuses in the United States. Unsurprisingly, NYC schools New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology top the list, while Yale University, Georgetown, and the University of California – Berkeley also make the cut. Cue the disaffected hipster students pretending not to care that their schools weren't on the list!

Although it's difficult to imagine the person who wrote the list visiting campuses across the country and asking randomly selected students if they enjoy K-pop ironically, the schools were apparently selected using such criteria as location, how many awards the college radio station has earned, what their fashion programs are like, and whether or not they offer sustainable or vegan-friendly cuisine. The article also claims that "in addition to their fashion sense, hipsters are known for their appreciation of art, intelligence, and witty banter," so think about that next time you're getting hit on by some DJ/bartender who's rambling about how cigarettes, fellatio, and Radiohead are totally awesome.