O.b. offers personalized ballads to make up for tampon shortages

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o.b. tampons

Remember when o.b. tampons mysteriously vanished from drugstore shelves last year, with little explanation? And remember when they came back earlier this year, with apologies from their parent company, Johnson & Johnson? Well, they still feel pretty bad about the whole thing, so they've decided to say sorry through personalized ballads sung by an impassioned boy band-wannabe on their website. (The Canadian one, to be exact.)

Before the groveling can begin, a prompt asks site visitors for their first name. Then, without further ado, the nameless o.b. crooner begins his "baby come back" song… with your name incorporated into the performance. It appears in the clouds, as a tattoo, on a hot air balloon, and even in the lyrics.

While hearing your name whispered in the song's intro is a little unnerving, you've got to give Johnson & Johnson an A for effort. Few feminine hygiene product manufacturers would commission a music video apology. Much less one featuring a man playing a white baby grand piano on top of a hill. Overlooking the sea. At sunset.