Obama plays birthday basketball with the NBA

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Obama with his own jersey

We're all faced with making an "executive decision" from time to time, though it never involves being Barack Obama or picking which NBA stars to invite to your birthday party.

On Sunday afternoon, the White House hosted Obama's forty-ninth birthday, where the president faced off against Houston Rockets' forward Shane Battier and Phoenix Suns' forward Grant Hill. Also present was Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Lebron "I am Lebron" James (though no word on whether or not they played). Fun! I bet there was barbecue afterwards.

The Washington Post on Obama's courtside manner:

The president is known for throwing a few elbows on the court and for having a fierce determination to win. But the 6-foot-2 commander in chief may have his work cut out for him. Hill and Battier are both 6-8.

Like the saying goes, "a gentleman on the court, a something-something in the bed." Eh.

Another interesting note on basketball in the Obama administration: "Basketball is enjoying something of a renaissance at the White House under Obama, who had a new court built on what had been the presidential tennis courts." I wonder if they'll keep the courts after Obama?