Obscure Paris law banning woman from wearing pants comes to vote this week

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Eiffel Tower in Paris

Exciting news for ladies in Paris this week: you may soon be able to wear pants — without breaking the law.

A 1799 law which is still on record states that any woman who wishes to "dress like a man" must obtain special permission from the police. While watered down over years, allowing women to wear trousers in the instance of riding a horse or a bicycle (phew, I was worried about having to ride side-saddled in an ankle-length frock), the law while obviously unenforced, has never been off stricken off the record, despite multiple attempts to repeal it.

But this week left-wing assembly member Gerard Charasse is fighting to have it removed. "It is fundamentally outdated and clearly wrong that this odd rule is still in place," he said. My, how progressive!