Occupy Wall Street occupies former J.P. Morgan building for pop-up art show

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Not content with merely preventing NYU freshmen from buying pot by moving to Washington Square Park this weekend, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have established a presence in the former J.P. Morgan building across from the New York Stock Exchange with a pop-up art show. According to a New York Times ArtsBeat blog post, the show, entitled "No Comment," was held in the building on Saturday night from 6 to 9 p.m.; graffiti art on removable walls will be displayed outside the building at the corner of Wall Street and Broad on Sunday evening.

The building, which was once the former headquarters of J.P. Morgan, was rented out by artist and exhibition organizer Marika Maioroa, whose organization Loft in the Red Zone was previously used to host an exhibition on 9/11 commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attacks. Contributions to the exhibition consisted of protesters' signs, posters, and an installation of two tents and American flags, which, according to the artist, alluded to the fact that police did not allow demonstrators to set up camp in Zucotti Park (or, alternatively, a commentary on the inherent patriotism of outdoor camping gear). Some of the pieces displayed at the show will be up for silent auction, with the proceeds going to Occupy Wall Street, Loft in the Red Zone, and the artists themselves.