Occupy Wall Street protesters shut down filming on Law & Order: SVU episode about them

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Occupy Wall Street

Some would argue that there's no greater honor than having your life depicted in an episode of Law and Order: SVU, but Occupy Wall Street apparently doesn't see it that way. More than one hundred demonstrators protested and eventually shut down filming on an OWS-themed episode of the NBC show last night in Manhattan's Foley Square. "This is not us. We are not part of corporate TV America," said protester Drew Hornbein.

Ever timely, SVU had been filming an episode based on the protests, setting up a faux occupation in the downtown park. As part of the set, producers had created signs with slogans like "End War on Workers" and "War Profiteers." No word yet on whether or not the planned episode would deal with the incidents of sexual assault that occurred in Zuccotti park before OWS' eviction, but given that it's SVU, it seems likely.

"This is bastardization going on. This is not the case of imitation is a form of flattery," one protester fumed. "This is insulting."

Late last night, police officers announced to the crowd that the city had rescinded the show's filming permit, so it looks like the protesters actually win this round. If only it were this easy to have political demands met!